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User Experience . December 28, 2021
10 Things I Wish I knew Before My First Corporate UX Design Job

When I first started my career a few years ago as a UX designer in a corporate organization, I felt very terrified as I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know how these corporate guys were planning, what their vision was and would I make a good fit to their organizations. I bet every new designer would experience this at least once in their lifetime. Securing my dream job was exciting and intriguing at the same time. I wished I knew these before I first started my career as a corporate UX designer.


1. UI and UX are two different thing that have different approach 

  • As someone who has been in this field, you might think you have been clear enough about these two terms as you have been taught about it for years in college. However, when I first started as a corporate UX designer, I found that I keep on getting confused about these two terms as they are intrinsically tied. Both UI and UX have different approaches in design. UI concerns on the interface that is visible for the viewers to interact with. Meanwhile, UX concerns the elements of a design that the users engage with.


2. No solution that fit for all condition (Always understand your stakeholder) 

  • When it comes to designing for corporate organization, whatever design it is, always remember that there is no one size fit all design. You might want to stick with the framework you have established, but when you start designing, you will sometime realize that your framework might not fit your stakeholder’s wants. Therefore, you need to always have a fallback plan.


3. Always start with UX part first before getting to UI Design 

  • UX is like a bone of your design. It maps out your users’ journey when using your design. You might think UI plays an important role in design, but UX is just as important as UI. It determines your design usability. The UX part of the design is one of the elements that ensure the goal of the design is achieved and conversions can be pushed through it.


4. Content is king 

  • Content is very influential in increasing your visibility online. It helps to improve your design and conversion. Bill Gates once said that content is where a lot of money comes from, and yes it is. A lot of successful businesses generate real money through content. Content is a pillar especially when you are doing a business. It is the easiest and cheapest marketing strategy you could ever have.


5. Design is always improving (Be innovative)

  • No design is evergreen. We have always heard that usability is a priority, and in my previous post, I have also discussed how following the trends too much can negatively impact your design. Therefore, instead of just following the trends, being innovative can help you a lot. Design is always improving, and you will discover a lot of new things while producing your design. We would love to appear unique from our competitors. Thus, never narrow your perspective, and always be innovative.


6. Your job will never complete and perfect so always literate to improve 

  • Another thing I wished everyone would be told about before you start your career as a UX designer is to never expect that you can finish your design after a few hours of doing it. There will always be a need for improvements and it’s totally fine. You might feel like you are slacking if you keep on repeating the same project over and over again. However, it’s always important to remind yourself that nothing is perfect and you can always improve the imperfections.


7. More project you involve more you learn (Practice make perfect) 

  • Nobody starts off as a master. Everything that is done repeatedly can become your expertise. Practice makes perfect, the more you do it, the more you will be able to learn and improve. Enjoy the process and keep going no matter how hard it is. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and so do professionals.


8. Designing solution not like designing and art (It need to be enjoyable and works) 

  • Designing is fun, but when you are too immersed in doing it, you might mislook the initial objectives of your design. Unlike arts, UX is not only about how it looks and how attractive it is. UX designers need to think far beyond the design and carefully analyse how to make it enjoyable and applicable for a corporate context. 


9. Everyone can learn UIUX skill but not everyone can apply 

  • The other thing I wish they would tell me when I first started as a corporate UIUX designer is that not everyone can apply the UIUX skill they have learnt. However, like I said previously, there will always room for improvements. You can re-learn and retry again and again. 


10. Communication is the key (make sure everyone on same page for every project) 

  • On the other notes, communication is the key. When working as a UX designer in a corporate sector or wherever it is, it is crucial to always remember that a great design is never produced by one man. Teamwork and communication are very important to ensure that everyone is on the same page for every project, having one same focus. The planning and executing phase will require the collaboration between the designers and the production team. In this phase, communication skill is highly needed to ensure that the goals of the design are aligned with the goals of the end-users. 

  • In a nutshell, being a UX designer is not just being a designer, we are also a marketer that communicate our brands through designs.


Do you find this post helpful? Check out my other posts for more UIUX tips and self-development insights.

If you need help about your website, feel free to claim your consultation session with me. See you in the next post!


WM Fadzli,

UIUX Designer & Consultant.

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