I am Fadzli, a UIUX Designer Expert cum Tech Stack advisor from Malaysia with extensive experience in bringing my client digital product into the next level. 

My experiences range from User Experience planning phase until Complete Development phase of digital products. I am working on projects with my team that heavily focused on a collaborative product-oriented design approach that allows us to quickly ideate, prototype, test and validate the work we do with the aim to create a product that really works with better user experience .


As a UIUX Designer, I am also providing a consultation service on digital product planning to ensure all the UIUX design developed by the developer is efficient and using the right stack to lower down your development cost.


A good relationship with my clients is my top priority, so I am primarily looking for long term projects.


I look forward to work with more people to create better product for future.


    Contact Number: 01126006427

    Email: wmfadzli95@gmail.com

    Location: Penang, Malaysia


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Personal Growth . November 18, 2021

I have always been dreaming of retiring before I reach 45 years old. So, I took a few years to discover myself, my passion and what I love to do. I started my career as a freelance UIUX designer, designing for small scale projects until one day I decided to start an IT company. Joke on me, I didn’t have a Degree in business, nor did I ever learn anything about business so it was a tough journey at first, but, TRUST THE PROCESS.


I have to admit that there is nothing like real-life experiences from others that can help you successfully kick off your startup business. Just like any other entrepreneurs out there, I learnt the hard way from my own experience throughout the journey until I reached where I am right now. Though I was able to overcome all those obstacles, sometimes I wish someone would tell me about it before I started my own business. 



  • What I meant by this is you need to know money. I know you hate Math but it turns out to be the most useful subject you need. 
  • No matter how badly you hate using that calculator and looking at those ledgers, you need to know how to manage your company’s finances.
  • Always separate the profits from the costs, and don’t forget the taxes too!



  • One of the struggles I faced when I first started a business is that I seek perfection. If you are facing the same problem, you need to remind yourself that wishing things to be perfect can only lead to procrastination. A lot of people are busy but not productive, and it wastes your time.



  • I believe you are talented, but you are still human. There will be things that are out of your capability to handle. Pick one thing in your business that you feel like you cannot handle alone, and hire someone professional to do it for you. I think the best decisions I made were to hire an accountant, copywriters and professional designers. It saved a lot of my time and improved my company’s productivity up to 70%.



  • If your personal branding is not strong yet, start to work on it now! Having a core value makes it easier for people to trust you and your business. People buy products they feel confident of, and to build that confidence in them, we have to set a core value for ourselves and our company. Take Kylie Jenner as an example,  she is the youngest self-made Billionaire that used her name and grew her cosmetic brand.



  • How badly I wished someone would tell me that I only need to focus on ONE niche, ONE platform, ONE audience, and ONE service or product, before I started my business. I took almost 2 years to figure out what makes my design business different from other designers’. Don't repeat my mistake! Focus on one thing and progress everyday.


Running your own business can be tough sometimes, the road would not be as smooth as you see in the media. It is full of hurdles but there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel. I got you!


See you in the next article!


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Wan Muhammad Fadzli


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