I am Fadzli, a UIUX Designer Expert cum Tech Stack advisor from Malaysia with extensive experience in bringing my client digital product into the next level. 

My experiences range from User Experience planning phase until Complete Development phase of digital products. I am working on projects with my team that heavily focused on a collaborative product-oriented design approach that allows us to quickly ideate, prototype, test and validate the work we do with the aim to create a product that really works with better user experience .


As a UIUX Designer, I am also providing a consultation service on digital product planning to ensure all the UIUX design developed by the developer is efficient and using the right stack to lower down your development cost.


A good relationship with my clients is my top priority, so I am primarily looking for long term projects.


I look forward to work with more people to create better product for future.


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User Experience . November 17, 2021
Increase Website Traffic Through UX

Is your website starting to lose engagement? Is the traffic decreasing? Sit back, relax, you will find out the reason by the end of this article.

Managing a website can be a full-time job and hectic no matter how big or small your business is, and of course, the traffic is the most pivotal part that every business will look up to. Having high traffic on your website is what every business dreaming of. However, maintaining the high traffic you got the first time you set up your site can be challenging after a few months. Why is that happening?

Along the way of managing the website, a lot of website manager will start to lose focus on their UI/UX part of the website as they spent more time with enriching the contents of the website. Undoubtedly, contents are important too, but providing the visitors with a good user experience can be far more rewarding to your business. According to studies, around 88% of online shoppers refused to revisit a website prior to the bad user experience tehy got during the first time. This is why being aware of your audience and providing what they expect to experience on your website is crucial.

"If you build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful"- Jeff Bezos, Amazon.

Before we jump into how UX affect your website traffic, let us see what UX actually is. UX is an acronym for User Experience which refers to the usability of your products, system or service. It centred on how people interact with your products, unlike graphic designs, UX designs focus more on humans than just creating arts. An amazing UX is teh key to a great website design as the aim of every website is to get the high traffics and to get the visitors revisit the website. 

One of the main reasons that e-commerce sites experience the decrease in their traffic is because they are not keeping it up to date. The world is revolving and so many changes can happen in a year's time, as well as design. Design gets outdated over time, and YES! It affects your engagements to stick with an outdated website design.

Three tips you can apply to improve your UX when your traffic start to decrease:

1) Improve your User Interface (UI)

- UI is a part of UX. Do you want more people to engage with your website? That's not difficult to achieve if you apply a great user interface. It is proven that improving your UX by improving your UI can grow your website up to 67%. Making sure your site looks simply pleasing can attract your audience to engage better. Try it and check it yourself.

2) Use appealing graphic

- If you already read my previous post, I once mentioned that everytime people look at a design, there will only be three expressions: "yay", "nah", or "wow". Every designer goal is to get that "wow". Applying an appealing graphic in your website can help you get that "wow". Psychologically, the graphic area of your website catches the eyes of your visitors first before anything else does. Improving this area can bring your users' experience to the next level.

3) Decrease page load time

- Other than designs, the usability of your website is one of the factors that keep your traffic. Imagine having to wait for 3 minutes for your page to load, it is irritating. If your web page loads quickly, your users will be happier and will most probably turn into customers. According to Neil Patel, for every second page delay, it will cost you about $2.5 million per year if your e-commerce site make $10,000 per day. That's a huge amount of money, I bet you wouldn'y want to lose it, ain't you?



A good user experience has always been an important component to increase your website traffic. As Peter Drucker once said, "Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what your customers get out of it". If you have tried those tips and still unsucceful, I am here to guide you through.

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