I am Fadzli, a UIUX Designer Expert cum Tech Stack advisor from Malaysia with extensive experience in bringing my client digital product into the next level. 

My experiences range from User Experience planning phase until Complete Development phase of digital products. I am working on projects with my team that heavily focused on a collaborative product-oriented design approach that allows us to quickly ideate, prototype, test and validate the work we do with the aim to create a product that really works with better user experience .


As a UIUX Designer, I am also providing a consultation service on digital product planning to ensure all the UIUX design developed by the developer is efficient and using the right stack to lower down your development cost.


A good relationship with my clients is my top priority, so I am primarily looking for long term projects.


I look forward to work with more people to create better product for future.


    Contact Number: 01126006427

    Email: wmfadzli95@gmail.com

    Location: Penang, Malaysia


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Personal Growth . January 19, 2022
We are MOF Licensed Company!



Greetings. All praise to Allah for realizing this dream.


Fixcolab has recently been announced as a Ministry of Finance (MOF) licensed company. I can’t perfectly describe how I really feel about this, I wouldn't be able to forget the early days when we founded this company from scratch. We would always envision the future of Fixcolab together days and nights, and now we are one step closer to our dream.


Earlier this month on 6th January 2020, FixColab announced that it has gotten its Ministry Of Finance Certification license under Kod Bidang (Field Code) Information Technology. The company stated that it has secured its Certificate of Approval (COA) from the Ministry Of Finance (MoF) in the press release. This certification will allow the agency to expand its services into the public sector and provide more jobs to local designers and development talents. I was in complete awe when the license was released as we have been waiting for this moment since 2 years ago. 


A little background about Fixcolab. It was incorporated in 2022, FixColab is a software development house that was established as a merger of 3 boutique digital agencies. Bringing over 15 years of combined experience in Ul/UX and digital development, FixColab has served over 100 organizations mainly in the country to develop beautiful web interfaces, applications and designs. This year, FixColab plans to expand its wing into more territories by establishing strategic partnerships with other local and international agencies. We are excited to serve more agencies in the future.


For more information on Fixcolab, please visit our website at www.fixcolab.com


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Wan Muhammad Fadzli


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