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As a UIUX Designer, I am also providing a consultation service on digital product planning to ensure all the UIUX design developed by the developer is efficient and using the right stack to lower down your development cost.


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User Interface . November 7, 2021
Why Does Your UI Need To Be Updated After a Few Years?

Save these tips if you want to stay appealing to your clients!


User Interface sets the first impression that will determine the visitor will turn into clients or just a random audience. Why is the user interface important? Imagine you are meeting someone new, what would you see first? Of course it is their appearance. Naturally, humans are more attracted to beautiful and attractive things, no matter how much they say that beauty is subjective. 

A nice user interface attracts the audience, but a human-centred user interface that is easy-to-use attracts conversions to happen. However, a design you design now might no longer be relevant for the audience in the next 5 years. Why? The e-commerce is going to be bigger in the next few years, and there will be a lot more competitors along the way. If you are wondering why you need to update your design in the next few years. The answer is simple. Your competitors might deliver something better than what you currently have because they observed what you do and improved it. Therefore, they become the upgraded, improvised version of you and your current competitors. Thus, sticking to your current UI makes your business less attractive in the next few years.


When we talk about design, there will always be only 3 reactions you can get from the audience; “Yes”, “No”, and “Wow”. As a designer, or brand owner, all of us want that “Wow” to be the audience’s reactions when they see our websites or applications. However, these reactions can be changed either positively or negatively through your designs. That is why you need to update your design from time to time.



Here are a few reasons why you should update your UI:



  • Just like when you go to an interview. The first thing you will be judged upon is the way you dress. Same goes to your website or mobile applications, the interface is the first thing that the audience will judge. The better you dress it, the higher the bounce rate.



  • Have you noticed that after a while of using the same design, your site gets less attention and or the engagements become stagnant at one point? Design does get outdated after being used for too long. Though the users are not professional about website designs, most of them are fast to grasp the new and the old ancient designs. Most visitors and audience rate your business from your website alone. Therefore, making sure your website always looks new and user-friendly will help your business to stay longer.



  • As we said earlier, designs change through time. As much as you want to maintain your identity, you need to adapt to the latest trend too. This does not mean that you have to change your identity. You can still maintain your identity through your website while keeping up with the trend. Building the sites that are not human-centred will make your conversion decrease. This happened a lot to big businesses too, most of them lost their leads and failed to attract new leads because they didn’t follow the trends and never listened to their users.



  • When the site has been used for a few years, mostly the sites/apps will experience delays which affect the user experience while using the sites/apps. The users will experience the delay when they try to click any button in the sites/apps. Thus, in most situations, you would not generate leads but catch them away before the conversion occurs.



  • Your competitors might have updated their site/apps while you are still sticking to your outdated site. Business is all about delivering fresh new ideas that are beneficial to other people. Every business is doing their best to deliver the best to the consumers. Therefore, change is needed. There is nothing that is less important when we talk about design to appeal to your clients, the only way is by making sure every part of your site/app is up-to-date, catchy and user-friendly. 


Is it helpful? See you in the next post!


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