I am Fadzli, a UIUX Designer Expert cum Tech Stack advisor from Malaysia with extensive experience in bringing my client digital product into the next level. 

My experiences range from User Experience planning phase until Complete Development phase of digital products. I am working on projects with my team that heavily focused on a collaborative product-oriented design approach that allows us to quickly ideate, prototype, test and validate the work we do with the aim to create a product that really works with better user experience .


As a UIUX Designer, I am also providing a consultation service on digital product planning to ensure all the UIUX design developed by the developer is efficient and using the right stack to lower down your development cost.


A good relationship with my clients is my top priority, so I am primarily looking for long term projects.


I look forward to work with more people to create better product for future.


    Contact Number: 01126006427

    Email: wmfadzli95@gmail.com

    Location: Penang, Malaysia


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User Experience . November 8, 2021
Why UX Is Important?

What are the roots of UX design?


UX Design centered on human and system interactions. To make it simpler, Imagine you discover a new cafe in your city, what is the first thing that makes you want to visit that cafe? Is it the layout of the cafe? Or is it the menu? 


I bet most of you will answer the layout.

First impressions are very important whether you are running an online business or a walk-in store. Having a good appearance can make your business sustain longer. Recently, we can see that there are so many new hipster cafes out there. You can see the ambience of the cafe, the organization of the tables and chairs, the music played, everything was put there nicely playing their own roles whether you notice it or not.


Once you enter the cafe, where are you going to head first? The receptionist? The table? 

And what makes you want to stay there longer? The surroundings? The menu served? The service?


Without you noticing it, every little detail counts… and just like those cafes, your online business needs to create great first impressions too. Your digital presence, and how you deliver your brands online will either stay inside your visitors’ minds or stay unknown.


If you look at other big brands out there, have you ever thought about how they manage to sustain their brand and have their customers coming back to them? The main reason is because they look at every single detail of every aspect of their business.


When designing a website with a good UX, always remember that you have the power to determine your visitors actions through your design. Therefore, having a good UX structure in your site can help you convert your prospect to a client easier. When your prospect knows what you are trying to deliver, and when they can easily find the information they need, it will leave a good impression on them. 


Arranging every navigation at the right place enables the prospect to figure out what actions they should take easily. Thus, it avoids you from chasing your prospect away before they can read every important detail in your site.


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